Prints & Slides Photo Instructions -
you are sending original photos, we recommend you use a carrier that uses a tracking number such as Federal Express or UPS.

You may request our Photo Organization Kit to help you with setting up your tribute. Our kit has several individual sections with removable labels. It also has a CD to audition music, along with order forms and a photo tip sheet.

If you are not using our Photo Organization Kit, arrange your photos in separate envelopes in the proper sequence. Do not write with a sharp pen or pencil on the back of the photo, this could damage the image. Use a post-it® or other type of removable label to put on the back of the photo with the sequence number. Write the name and number of the chapter on the outside of each envelope.

Ship the contents in a box rather then a large envelope to protect against bending during shipping. We cannot be responsible for lost photos during transit. Our in-house process of handling photos is designed to protect against any damage or loss. We choose not to use any automatic feeders or processors that may scratch or tear your photos.

Call us at 714 434-1960 to verify your tribute dollar amount or to request any special shipping or scheduling that you may need. Send the completed order form, photos and a check for the amount to:

Life to Motion
3221 Washington Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Tributes are usually completed in 48 hours and shipped back using Federal Express unless other options are requested.

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