After using various production techniques we have found the following guidelines helpful in creating your personal video tribute.

Step 1 - Groups, Chapters and Life Events
Group your tribute into separate events or life chapters. You may name these groups anything you wish. Some examples are:
The Early Years, School Days, Our Wedding, The Family, Travel & Vacations, Our Hobbies, The Children/Grandchildren, and Through the Years.
Step 2 - Photo Organization
Organize each set of pictures into your life chapter groups. In the photo kit you will find removable labels, the letter represents the chapter number, A is chapter 1, B is chapter 2 and so on. The number is the position in the chapter sequence. Place a label on the back of each photo and put them in the provided photo kit sections.
Step 3 - Music & Background Theme Selections
Make your music selections from the CD in the photo kit and write down the track number to accompany each chapter. Choose either a Nature, Ocean, Waterfall, Christian or Zooming background video theme. You may also view the themes in detail or sample the music from our web site at
Step 4 - Filling Out the Order Form
Fill out the contact information and due date. Choose the package you wish including any additional options. Write each chapter name along with the selected choice of music that will accompany it from the enclosed CD. Select the tribute theme background and choose your favorite photo to appear on the DVD navigation and your personalized printed DVD case. Give your tribute a title name and an optional closing message. Sign the order form and leave the rest to us!

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